Kev Henderson is an artist/songwriter/ born in St.Louis MO: From the age of 8 Kevin began guitar lessons and developed a passion for music. The Guitar had become an extension and part of himself. Musically speaking, it is who he is. For 6 years running Kev won first place competing in solo contests with Mid America Music Association. Through his early years and high school he became a multi-instrumentalist, and plays the Bass, keyboards and is classically trained on trombone and trumpet. While pursuing music at Missouri Baptist University he shared his talent teaching privately. Although he plays many things well, he maintains his virtuoso styles when playing guitar as his main instrument. In the 1990's he recorded an album with Christian Rock Band "Project 7" entitled "A Matter of Necessity". He says, "It was a very rewarding and remarkable time in his life."  Kevin played with many bands in the Midwest from Rock to Blues to Country and Jazz. He seems to adapt to any genre thrown at him. Kev's heart however always returns to Country and Gospel music, with a bluesy rock edge influence. Always up for many new challenges Kev doesn't stop as just being a lead guitarist. Seeing more out there, on the horizon he is willing to go a little step further. Kev always was telling his band members.. "originals boys originals"... Kev feeling anyone can copy someone else, he strove on while still playing with his band SideWinder. Now writing and creating a unique style of music that is definitely his own, comes from his heart and soul. Kevin's next challenge is to record his projects and share it with the world. He is truly humble and appreciative to those that support his efforts and listen. In person he's a true human being. Kev is a man of deep rich Christian Faith. And not ashamed to admit it, he's involved with church family activities as often as possible. Kind and generous Kev never meets a stranger which he attributes to God and his parents Godly upbringing. 

 When not working on his own music, church, or time with family, Kev might be found playing in the woods somewhere with his bow and arrow or seeking out that next trout stream! ...take time to listen and explore enjoy some great songs outside the box as well as one heck of a guitar player!