Hey everyone...
  Welcome to my website. Feel free to walk around and check out some
pretty cool stuff and don't forget to sign the mailing list. It's free to do that.
Thanks from the bottom of my heart to all for for making this posiible, to all my
 family, friends and fans that believe in me. Without you  this is'nt possible. I want
 to thank all the musicians who loaned their talents in helping this whole thing happen
 Ron.Terry, Scott, Isaiah and the Band SideWinder that helped lead me to this place.
 My children that put up with me and my shinanigans...Mom and Dad, thanks for paying for all
 the music lessons and buying my fist guitars and your love and support...most of all i need
 to Thank God for giving me music and healing me...
                                                                                                Love Kev!!!